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 my name is emely hedel,

i am a music producer and creative being,

living and working mostly in Berlin and Dresden (GER).

i work with artists on their vocal productions and recordings, do a lot of songwriting and produce some of it :) with my unique and sensitive approach i always try to create a safe and highly creative environment for artists. it is neither about perfection nor size. it is rather about telling stories. cities, people and colors lead to a moment, a song.

i am a synesthete too - a colored hearing person <3 and will share more of that via YouTube and Patreon soon.

my studio

my little studio is located in Berlin, where i do most of my productions and recordings. it is also a great place for mixing and mastering. so, if you need a place to work on your own music and mixes or look for a simple space for recording - no drums tough - hit me up, let's share :)

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what i am about

as a female producer i am always trying to support and connect with FINTA* creatives within the business. i am a proud member of Music Women* Germany and musicswomen* and participate in several camps such as ALL FINTA* CAMPS.

oh, and i love talking about music rights, GEMA and Excel <3
before producing music, i worked in publishing and management. as it's my second passion, i am starting my own little edition called EMY EDITION ☾●•

so if you have questions or just wanna nerd around, text me ;)